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Selena to take a stand

Former Pittwater Councillor Selena Griffith will run as an independent candidate for the Pittwater Ward in the upcoming Council election.

“As a ratepayer under the new Council, I have not seen any improvement in any ser-vices and my customer-based interactions with staff revealed they are still working in silos reflecting the three former councils,” she said.

“From my experience advising on the change process, I do not believe there has been the promised success in ‘harmonising’ the three councils.

“There has been a huge loss of corporate memory, key knowledge, skills and talent across the new entity.

“So beyond the crowd-pleaser parking sticker, I don’t think any demonstrable benefits have been delivered to the residents of former Pittwater, Warringah or Manly Councils yet.”

Ms Griffith said it was discouraging to see political factions forming around the larger council, which she believes will make it difficult for local communities to be heard above party positions in decision-making.

“I am standing to ensure I can continue the consistent, independent, community advocacy I provided in my tenure on Pittwater Council,” she said.

“I have good relationships with local community groups and want to work closely with them to achieve the continuation of the values, culture, and sense of identity our community fought for and enjoys.

“I want to ensure these values of community engagement, environmental protection and sensible, inclusive development are not diluted or lost, but rather strengthened and support the other communities across the Northern Beaches.

“I want to help develop a council which respects, celebrates and supports its diverse communities and ensure access to assets and resources are equitably distributed.”

Ms Griffith said the September 9 vote was critical to the future tone of local government.

“The new council will be laying the foundations for how our community will be dealt with and run,” she said. “It is very important that this forms independently, without political interference.”

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