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Bookings and advert material to set for our AUGUST 2017 issue must be supplied by MONDAY 10 JULY.

Finished art and editorial required by MONDAY 17 JULY.

The AUGUST issue will be published on FRIDAY 28 JULY.

NB: To avoid confusion, when emailing please include subject heading: [Your Business Name] Ad (or Edit) – Pittwater Life.

We also offer rates for black and white only and spot colour
(1 colour plus black). Details overleaf.

No discounts are available on these rates.
We design and typeset your ad according to your
specifications. This attracts a setting fee for the first insertion.
Minor changes for successive insertions are made without a
setting fee. However a complete remake of the ad may incur
another setting fee. Finished art supplied in acceptable format
does not attract a setting fee (see below for details).
  *These are direct client-to-publisher rates. Advertising
agencies must add their commission. Ask for a quote.

Advertisers are provided with proofs of their advertisements as pdfs by email or prints. These settings are copyright and may not be used for any other purpose without our permission. Please check and return promptly with any corrections or changes indicated. Minor variations may occur in colour in printing.
We reserve the right to change the rates at any time.



Setting the ad includes design, layout, typesetting and incorporation of logos and illustrations. Rates for this service are listed overleaf.

There is no setting fee for finished art supplied to the correct size in digital format i.e. high-resolution (300dpi) pdfs or jpgs.
Microsoft Word is only suitable for draft layouts. Word files will need to be reset, and will incur a setting fee. Illustrations should be sent as high resolution (300dpi) jpgs.
Advertisers are emailed proofs of their advertisements to be checked and any corrections and approval noted. We do not accept responsibility for uncorrected errors or errors in finished artwork provided. We will run the ad as set if we do not receive approval by our printing deadline.
Print-ready artwork should be a hi-res pdf (min. 300dpi) set in CMYK. Black text should be K100 only. However, black backgrounds and panels may be rich black, i.e. C30 K100, but not 4 colour black to avoid oversaturation and potential registration problems. Bleed applies only to full page ads, check full page specs with us before setting finished art.

Full colour is available throughout. We can scan printed material or
work with digital images (high-resolution).

Professional photography is available for advertising.

The names of advertisers where possible will be placed on our own
original maps of retail centres without extra charge.

Your website is linked with ours at no charge.

Loadings for position are most frequently requested for right hand pages and early pages (up to page 20) or beside maps. Forward pages are heavily booked and your preference may not be immediately available. If advertisers request forward positions they may be moved forward as current advertisers withdraw. For “run of the magazine” ads (no position loading) we place advertisements in the most appropriate position or in suitable geographical sections as available. Please discuss your preference with us.

New ads requiring artwork and changes to existing ads should be booked by the 14th of the month. If finished artwork is to be provided space should be booked by the 14th and material supplied on an agreed date. Advertisers with regular bookings must advise us by the 15th if they wish to withdraw. Deadline for material for suggested editorial: 20th.

Payment with order or on approval of proof by cheque, EFT bank transfer or credit card (V, MC, Eftpos). Approved customers receive a 21-day invoice. A fee may be imposed for late payment.

All contents of Pittwater Life, including advertising design, are subject to copyright and may not be reproduced except with the written consent of the owner of the copyright. Editorial content is solely determined by the Editor.

DISCLAIMER Please note the disclaimer published in our magazine monthly.

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